Globaltrading na výstave Bidfood Expo

Naša spoločnosť sa zúčastnila výstavy Bidfood Expo, ktorá prebiehala 4.5.2017 na Agrokomplexe Nitra a 16.5.2017 v Steel arene v Košiciach.

We are preparing the introduction of ISO 9001

Since January 2017, we have been preparing the introduction of an ISO 9001 quality management system (QMS).

Purchase of the ELIXA 21 packing machine

The ELIXA 21 packing machine is used for packaging of meat into polystyrene trays and stretch film.


Purchase of the vacuum packing machine VARIOVAC OPTIMUS 35

The VARIOVAC OPTIMUS 35 vacuum packing machine is used for packaging of cooled meat into plastic bowls which are moulded directly in the production process with the possibility of vacuum packing if packed with inert gas.